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“For the last 4 months, I’ve been working with Liam and 7&7 – he’s told us what he’ll deliver, he’s delivered it and we are getting traction – it’s happening!”

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Check Icon - 7and7 DigitalWe work with clients in all business sectors & non-profit organizations who wants results!

Check Icon - 7and7 DigitalIncrease your customer base & brand awareness – spend less and achieve more!

Check Icon - 7and7 DigitalIncrease your sale conversion rates!

Check Icon - 7and7 DigitalIncrease customer loyalty and referrals!

Check Icon - 7and7 DigitalIncrease your margins and profitability & maximize your brand awareness by spending less!


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We have developed a culture of being on the cutting edge of what is working, delivering results

and follow the best training practices by working closely with major digital platforms such as Google,

Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Shopify, WordPress and more.

Social and Community Manager Certified - 7&7 Digital
Customer Value Optimization Specialist Certified - 7&7 Digital
Content Marketing Specialist Certified - 7&7 Digital
Ecommerce Marketing Specialist Certified - 7&7 Digital
Email Marketing Specialist Certified - 7&7 Digital
Search Marketing Specialist Certified - 7&7 Digital
Analytics and Data Specialist Certified - 7&7 Digital
Customer Acquisition Specialist Certified - 7&7 Digital
Optimization and Testing Specialist Certified - 7&7 Digital
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We do four basic things for your business:

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Find and introduce new customers to your business.

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Get your existing customers to increase their spend in your products and services.

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Nurture your customers so that they refer new customers and keep them coming back to your business.

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Increase your profit and your conversions so you have a higher net profit yield.

This adds up to a healthy growing business.

Most times we find that if we make 2 or 3 small changes to the way your business engages with your customers, you will see an increase in your profit and revenue of between 30% – 50%.


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As a passionate and results focused team, we deliver what your company is expecting and more!

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Take advantage of the actionable growth strategies and tactics that will leverage your business.

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Increase your margins and profitability & maximize your brand awareness by spending less!


Facebook Higher Ranking Webpage

Facebook is Rewarding Faster Loading Webpages A Higher Ranking

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7&7 Digital - Facebook Hypertargeting

CASE STUDY: How We Generated 95 Leads in 30 Days

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Facebook Hypertargeting. Our successful client campaign has got us 95 leads only within the span of 30 days. That’s 2 leads per day, or at least 15 leads per week....
Digital Marketing Consulting

10 Killer Reasons To Transform Your Business with Digital Marketing Consulting

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Setting up a Google Business Page

Setting Up A Google Business Page

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The #1 Common Mistake in Social Media Marketing (and ways how to fix it)

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Social Media Marketing is a serious business. Say it again with me: Social Media Marketing is a serious business. It’s not just something you can set-up, step away from, and...

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