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The clients we work with are from any businesses, sectors, or non-profit organisations from all industry who wants to:

Increase the number of customers to their business
Increase the customer spend
Increase the sales conversion rates
Increase customer loyalty and referral rates
Increase their margins and profitability

Video Marketing

Take advantage of the rapid increase of video used across the internet by getting your company’s message directly in front of your target customers. We will show you how to build your video channels and create an exciting crowd of subscribers

Digital Advertising

Develop and implement profitable digital marketing campaigns. Are you using the powerful medium of digital advertising? Is your digital advertisements delivering the return on dollars expected? We deliver the results your company is expecting and more.

360° Digital Marketing

Why Organic Digital? This is the baseline for a strong digital foundation. It will produce inbound digital inquiries ‘organically’ when maintained. This is essentially the starting place for most companies.

Digital Marketing Consulting

A 7&7 Consulting package is a cost effective way of getting not only the C-Level manager at a great price, but also a team of design, marketing, communications, digital and content creating experts.

Want to start seeing results?

We do four basic things for your business:

  1. Find and introduce new customers to your business
  2. Get your existing customers to increase their spend in your products and services
  3. Nurture your customers so that they refer new customers and keep them coming back to your business
  4. Increase your profit margins and your conversions so you have a higher net profit yield

This adds up to a healthy growing business.

Most times we find that if we make 2 or 3 small changes to the way your business engages with your customers, you will see an increase in your profit and revenue of between 30 – 50%.

82% of Internet Consumers Will Direct on Video Traffic in 2020

An accurate forecast by Cisco revealed massive video traffic to increase in the next 3 years.

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The average retention rate of personalized videos is 35% higher than non-personalized videos. See the infographic below for more Video Benchmarks all marketers should know!

3 Ways Closed Caption Can Benefit Your Videos

Adding closed captions on your videos is as simple as one, two, three – with added benefits to your customer reach.

The Best of 2017 Super Bowl Ads

See our best picked Super Bowl Ads and learn more how marketers are getting more out of a 30-second screen time now.

Consumers Spend Six Hours/Week With Branded Video Content

46% of consumers will purchase your product after seeing its brand video on social media. Read now for more must-know statistics in plotting your next marketing strategy.

8 Digital Video Marketing Statistics For B2B Marketers [INFOGRAPHIC]

96% of B2B organizations use video, in which 73% report positive ROI results. What’s your next marketing strategy?

Who We Are

Team 7&7

7&7’s global skilled team of management, staff, advisers and collaborators are all passionate about digital marketing and focused on results.

Each team member brings dedicated experience, specific skills and expertise to ensure our clients achieve sustained growth and their strategic objectives.

We have developed a culture of been on the cutting edge of what is working, delivering results and follow the best training practices by working closely with major digital platforms such as Google, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, WordPress and more.

Who We Are

Liam O’Brien – Founder & Managing Director

Liam is your specialist in developing actionable growth strategies and tactics you can use in your marketing right now.

As a Harvard Business School graduate (Executive MBA) with 15+ years investment banking & the digital marketing, his approach is uniquely developed from the results orientated world of financial markets and the continuous accelerating world of digital marketing.

Liam has had the pleasure of working with companies like Morgan Stanley, Citi Group, ABN Amro, Credit Suisse, Saxo Bank, Meryl Lynch and their key executives.

Specialties: Strategy, Digital Marketing, Management, Business Development.