Inbound Marketing Optimisation

Digital Advertising and Inbound Marketing go hand-in-hand for a healthy growing business.

7&7 Digital specialises in inbound marketing, aka pull marketing, to attract more customers into your marketing funnel through our 100% free organic marketing.

We can build you a lasting and proven marketing strategy from scratch which will guarantee more qualified buyers from your free, valuable content.

Our inbound marketing strategy is its own, standalone sales generating and lead nurturing team to deliver you more qualified buyers as long as your content exists online. It is a lasting, hands-free and proven marketing strategy that will work to deliver you leads 24/7, 365 days a year.

For an inbound marketing to work, you need to balance the required elements, both Digital Ads and Inbount Marketing, of your campaign. And that is exactly what we do. We work on a holistic view to cover every aspect crucial to your business’ well-being.

Inbound Marketing Methodology:

  • Awareness
  • Evaluation
  • Conversion
  • Remarketing



Get 100% Organic Traffic into your platform.


Start generating leads into your funnel.


Close in your warm prospects into customers.


Ensure the continuous healthy and stable growth of your business.


Traffic is everywhere. Nearly everyone we know today is on the internet and still you’re asking why you’re not getting any.

And you wouldn’t want any kind of traffic to run your business. You will want traffic that complements your brand – people who are interested and those who could possibly be interested in your business.

But how do we find the right kind of people for our business in this sea of users?

7&7 Digital helps each and every business of all industries find their buyer persona, or what we call the “ideal customers” for our brand. Buyer personas are profiles created by the marketing team to easier identify your perfect customers. This is through thorough research in matching your business’ goals, mission, objectives, products and services to each user’s lifestyle, demographics, psychographic and so forth.

By thoroughly extracting your market, we will identify the people around whom your business is built.


Blogging: Blogging is one of the baselines of top-of-the-funnel inbound marketing. It is one of the best ways to attract, entertain, and educate users about your brand.

SEO: Search engines are a powerful tool but has become a cut-throat competition to rank for. Our SEO team can analytically filter your keywords, optimise pages, and create a web of links for your website to achieve a higher Search Engine Ranking Position (SERP).

Social Media Management: Apart from your website, your customers’ way of connecting with your brand is also through social media accounts. Here, we build and nurture each business pages with their customers to engage and develop trust between your business – customer relationship.


From attracting traffic, you will need to generate leads into your funnel. You can start by creating a contact form to catch your users’ contact information to follow up some marketing materials at them.

But before you can ask users to sign up, you will need a valuable opt-in bribe or what we call a lead magnet in exchange of their contact information. Whether it be through an e-book, discounts, vouchers, webinars, videos, etc.

7&7 Digital can guarantee to provide an attractive item of value to help your business acquire leads.


Lead Magnet: are the incentives offered by marketers to potential buyers in exchange for their contact information. Lead Magnets close in the gap from our attraction stage to the conversion stage.

Calls-to-Action: CTA buttons, links, copies are the powerful punches on your website or ads that pack what a user must do next. Calls-to-Action examples could range from “Download Your E-book” or “See The Latest 2017 Statistics Report”. A CTA must be well optimised to be inviting as it is one of the core factors that could lead to customer conversion.

Forms: How else are you going to collect your lead’s contact information without a contact form? Optimised forms are a must in order to convert traffic into leads.

Landing Pages: This will be the home of your Lead Magnet, Calls-to-Action, and Contact Form. Some marketing campaigns choose not to use a landing page and would rather redirect users to their website. On an average, landing pages convert a minimum of 17% more conversion than a website.

Contacts:  Keep your leads’ contact information on a centralised database. This is the first step in creating more future interaction to continue their journey from conversion to the bottom of the funnel or the evaluation stage.


You’ve managed to attract the right users but now it’s time to transform those leads into the holistic customers. Just because you’ve managed to collect leads doesn’t mean the customer journey doesn’t get any easier.

You will need the type of content to drive your lead into making the final purchase decision. This is where a good, tailored content is crucial.

Brands close in their customers by using the right tools, at the right time, with the right users.


Email Marketing: If a lead magnet followed your call-to-action and downloads your free e-book but still would not purchase your product, you’ll have to send a series of marketing email to follow up. This is where automated emails become powerful and relevant – to build trust with prospects and guide them back to your funnel.

Closed-loop Reporting: CLR includes a monitoring of your marketing platforms and an analysed statistic of which delivers the best leads. This allows you to analyse your marketing team to complement your sales team for a high converting team.

Strategy: Our team will coordinate in search for an effective marketing strategy beneficial to your business to finally sell your brand; this could be through demos/free trials, customer reviews, testimonials, comparisons, spec sheets, etc.


Inbound marketing does not end in one purchase alone. Your marketing team must keep tabs of all customers and engage them for more future purchases and upsells. This way, you can ensure a healthy, steady, and scalable business growth.

The process of digital remarketing is simple. We place cookies on your website visitors when they meet the criteria whether they are the right customers. These cookie IDs will be added to your list of people to remarket to.

For digital remarketing to work, you will need numerous controls including, but not limited to, the time span when a cookie ID stays on your remarketing list or when impressions or keyword searches complements your number of ads per day.


Static and Dynamic Remarketing: Users who visit your website will receive cookies to which we can remarket with highly optimised static ad offers on third-party websites. Dynamic remarketing uses the same technique but with a specific product level advertisement which contains the previously visited items on your website.

Social Monitoring: Our team of expert will monitor your social accounts and their social conversation full-time. Dedicated social media managers will round your audience and listen to their inquiries, comments, likes, and dislikes. We will actively mitigate these feedback, if needed, and add them into consideration to further improve your campaign.

Video Remarketing: Video remarketing is powerful on YouTube. YouTube pre-roll ads, such as the videos required to play 5 seconds before the skip video option, is just one of the ways you can remarket to your audience effectively.

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