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Building Your Offshore Digital Marketing Team

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At 7&7 we are big advocates of equipping and empowering businesses to build out their internal digital marketing team. Learn more about training your team. 2020 & Beyond Digital marketing...
Facebook Higher Ranking Webpage

Facebook is Rewarding Faster Loading Webpages A Higher Ranking

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Facebook Higher Ranking Webpage Last month, Facebook announced its update to start ranking faster loading webpages higher on its News Feed. This is to increase the traffic distribution of links...
Digital Marketing Consulting

10 Killer Reasons To Transform Your Business with Digital Marketing Consulting

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How do you get conversions? To start off, you need to be asking yourself the right questions. Getting conversions is not just by asking how to get one – it’s…

7and7 Digital - Google Business Review

How To Get Google Business Review URL + Increase Your Social Proof

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Last week, I talked about the importance of Google Business Page. Mostly on why it has become a necessity for businesses of all sizes to start transferring their information on…

Setting up a Google Business Page

Setting Up A Google Business Page

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Setting Up A Google Business Page Search Engine Optimisation is not easy. Sure, it looks easy… but it’s not. Especially when everybody on your street is trying to rocket their…

social media marketing - 7&7 Digital

The #1 Common Mistake in Social Media Marketing (and ways how to fix it)

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Social Media Marketing is a serious business. Say it again with me: Social Media Marketing is a serious business. It’s not just something you can set-up, step away from, and...
Accelo for Project Management

Granular Project Management and Billing Transparency with Accelo

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We love helping businesses develop. As a Conversion Optimisation Studio, every second that we spend are well intended to deliver lasting results. We do our best to guarantee rock-solid results…

Increasing Conversion Rate

Slow Conversion? Gradually Increase Your Rate By Tweaking These 6 Elements

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We love, love, love getting conversions. Our clients love the results we deliver even more. I’m sure many bloggers have promised you results if you ‘follow these quick tips!’ But there’s...
Troubleshoot non-converting ads to high converting

How To Troubleshoot Non-Converting Ads into High-Converting ones. [FREE PDF Download]

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Conversion doesn’t happen overnight. I could only wish it does. Imagine how that could make all our lives easier… And here’s another familiar marketing misconception: Not all paid traffic is...
Heat Map Tests - High Converting Landing Page - 7&7 Digital

These 9 Heat Map Tests are All You’ll Need For A High-Converting Landing Page

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So… Heat Maps. No – this has nothing to do with the weather or any maps of countries, really. Ever wondered how users browse your website? Which fold do they...

The Newest, Hottest Way To Make Your Products Viral: BuzzFeed x Shopify Channel!

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Shopify and BuzzFeed has teamed up to better showcase products to a wider audience reach. This new BuzzFeed Channel from Shopify’s app store lets businesses tag their products for Buzzfeed…

google compliance landing page rules

How To Rank First on Google: The 7 Landing Page Compliant Rules

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So you did the right choice and followed our 7-point formula in making the best landing page for your business. Great work! I’ve preached bold headlines, punchy CTAs, appealing contact...
Successful Landing Page

The 8-Point Killer Formula For A Successful Landing Page

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A landing page’s conversion rate is typically less than 3%. Frustrating, right? According to Search Engine Land, a major search marketing publication, only the top 25% of businesses break into...
How to get more leads with Landing Pages | 7and7 Digital

Get Up To 12x More Leads With Landing Pages!

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Companies with 40+ landing pages get 12x more leads. Hubspot’s study found that 10-15 landing pages can boost a company’s leads by 55%. There’s no denying the importance of landing...
7&7 - Digital Marketing Consulting - Digital Advertising Services

Want More Conversions? Follow This 7-Point Lead Magnet Checklist

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Let’s go straight to the point: Lead Generation is confusing. For years, I’ve been wondering how to generate traffic into leads directly from a website. Prospect clients simply wouldn’t budge...
The Ultimate Content Marketing Kit - How to Generate Leads and Sales | 7and7 Digital

The Ultimate Content Marketing Kit to Generate Leads and Sales

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We’ve been keeping this strategy a secret. It’s about time you know how to successfully market organic content… The thing is, the traditional marketing ideology is no longer effective. Gone...
Facebook Ads - Facebook Pixel | Advertising and Marketing | 7and7 Digital

3 Ways to Use the Facebook Pixel For High Converting Ad Campaigns

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ICYMI: There’s a much efficient metric in the marketing block that could lead campaigns to new heights: Cost Per Pixel or CPP. 2015 has been predicted as the year of...
High-Converting Facebook Ads | Advertising and Marketing | 7and7 Digital

The 7 Essential Steps in Designing High-Converting Facebook Ads

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92% of social marketers are using Facebook for advertising. And chances are, your organization already have a Facebook page as we speak. If so, then you’re one of the 30...
Top Digital Video Marketing Trends of 2017 - 7and7 Digital

Top Digital Video Marketing Trends of 2017

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The era of Digital Video Marketing has long begun. We’ve given you the professional opinions, the signs, the numbers — all supporting the continuous growth of Digital Video Marketing to…

Video Traffic in 2020 - Consumer Traffic | 7and7 Digital

82% of Internet Consumers Will Direct on Video Traffic in 2020

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Congratulations! You now have an accurate forecast of digital marketing from 2015 all the way through 2020. Just how valuable are these forecast and how can it benefit your marketing…

Video Benchmark Report - Video Marketing | 7and7 Digital

2017 Benchmark For All Digital Video Marketers [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Have you started adding video to your marketing strategy? If so, how’s your recent results? If not, then… why not? ► SEE ALSO: 8 Digital Video Marketing Statistics For B2B Marketers…

Closed Captioning Videos - Video Marketing | 7and7 Digital

3 Closed Caption Benefits to Enhance Your Videos

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Video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic this year. And by 2019, video consumption will continue to rise to an estimated 80% of all internet traffic, according…

Super Bowl Ads - Advertising and Marketing | 7and7 Digital

The Best of 2017 Super Bowl Ads

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Throughout the week, everyone had been raving about the game (honorary mention: the half-time performance). But just as the country was surprised by the Super Bowl’s results, its advertisements also…

Branded Video Content | 7and7 Digital

Consumers Are Spending Six Hours A Week Watching Branded Video Content

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Did you know, 46% of consumers will purchase your product after seeing its brand video on social media. And that’s only a small fraction of the remarkable new report about…