Let’s go straight to the point: Lead Generation is confusing.

For years, I’ve been wondering how to generate traffic into leads directly from a website.

Prospect clients simply wouldn’t budge into my funnel no matter how catchy and inviting my website is! Sounds familiar?

We all know how frustrating this is.

But before pulling your hair out, listen to what I have learned for years of being a digital marketer.

Here’s what I found out…

Apparently, generating lead isn’t just a two-step process.

How I imagined the process was:

Step 1: Get Traffic

Step 2: Get Conversion

Then somewhere in the middle, magic happens. So, it’s something more accurately like:

Unfortunately this process is basically imaginary. Very much like magic. DO NOT FOLLOW THIS.

What you need to be aware of is that customers are wiser and more cautious in purchasing anything on the internet.

People aren’t always ready for purchase the moment they visit your website.

Kicking Tinkerbell and her magic out of the process, you will need a bridge or some kind of a magnet to influence the traffic into your conversion bucket.

That bridge being—yes, you guessed it: Lead Magnet.

Lead Magnets – a.k.a. “opt-in bribe” are incentives offered by marketers to potential buyers in exchange for their contact information.

Mastering lead magnets will close in the gap our magical fairy has left. Build trust and follow up with your prospects until they are ready to buy. 

This middle-of-the-funnel specific content is an effective way to usher audience down your conversion. In this article, I’m going to give you our checklist in creating a powerful lead magnet and more landing page examples to draw inspiration from.

Not sure what a middle-of-the-funnel or whatever funnel structure I’m talking about? See: The Ultimate Content Marketing Kit To Generate Leads and Sales. This marketing funnel is crucial in creating your lead magnet along with every marketing attempts.

NOTE: You can generate leads and sales even though your organic content. You read that right – through free, unpaid content. Contact us to learn how through a FREE CONSULTATION we offer for the first 50 companies booked.


  1. Be Specific

In fact, be extremely specific. Even more specific that what you’re thinking right now. Be microscopically specific! Specificity is the first on your checklist because it’s just that important in telling your prospects head-on about their problem, solution, and benefit.

NEVER BE VAGUE. Speak directly to the point and explain each specific problem your prospects are facing and the specific steps that are needed to be taken.

  1. Promises one quick win

Your traffic will remain to be hesitant and cold if they aren’t getting any connection from you. This is why you need to offer an irresistible catch – for free.

But how do you make your lead magnet irresistible?

By offering what they truly want. Easily by delivering that one big benefit they will gain in exchange of their contact information.

See Unbounce’s landing page.

landing page example

“Get higher conversions from your landing pages” is a big, strong promise to start with. It states the SPECIFIC and clear customer benefit after signing up on their course…

Now take a look at Autogrow’s pop-up lead magnet below.

It’s adequate… but not as powerful as Unbounce’s technique in delivering the benefit head on.

Appeal to them as if their contact information is a small price to pay in exchange of the benefit received.

  1. Guarantee Fast and Easy Results

Your customers want their benefit. They want it NOW.

Avoid multi-day courses. Your market may appear to be interested in the first leg of the series but will likely forget or lose interest as the day progresses.

Simple enough, this will lead to a decline of the number of leads in your marketing funnel. 

  1. High Value

Yes, you want your lead magnet to be free. But it doesn’t have to look free!

Establish its theoretical monetary value to the mind of your visitors by using professional graphics.

Price tags raises the customer’s perceived value over an intentionally free course. See Quicksprout’s $300 value lead magnet automatically boost its appeal.

landing page example

  1. Content Value

You’ve gone as far as advertising the magnitude benefits of your lead magnet. Might as well create actual value.

A lead magnet is not just to draw in your audience’s contact information. You must keep them engaged and raise your brand’s liability while doing so to further convert them down the marketing funnel.

  1. Instant Gratification

A lead magnet will work wonders if it’s highly accessible and is delivered instantly. You don’t want it to be a roadblock in your sales funnel. On the contrary, it should complement your customer’s funnel journey. Make it readily and easily available for all leads.

  1. Does more than inform

A great lead magnet does more than simply inform. It can ripple change the overall mindset of your audience about the image and liability of your brand.


Now you know what’s to and not to include on your landing page. Take a step back and review your lead magnet output while keeping this checklist in mind.

Always remember these important key:

  • BE SPECIFIC! And no – I couldn’t stress its importance enough! Everything should be simple – present your specific solution to a specific problem. Do not attempt to add more complex details to produce a great result — this will only do the opposite.
  • Only present relevant offer to your customer. Sweet conversion only occurs if real value is included.


NOTE: You can generate leads and sales even though your organic content. You read that right – through free, unpaid content. Contact us to learn how through a FREE CONSULTATION we offer for the first 50 companies booked.

Now let’s draw some inspiration from the…


9 Types Of Lead Magnet and Examples

  1. Software Download/Free Trial

Planscope is a SaaS tool for web developers and designers’ collaboration with clients. It helps them provide estimates and keep the clients updated with the project progress.

The big promise is on the headline. “Gain total control of your agency”. Clear and crisp.

Anyone who clicks the “Choose a plan and start your free trial” button will be redirected to an interactive demo on how the tool works.

  1. Reports/Case Study/Guides/Ebook

James Noble is a marketing consultancy service that specializes in web marketing. The “Content… Now what?” PDF is a great example of the common guide-type of lead magnet.

In this download file, Noble covers the details in content marketing with steps and tips in finding leads.

  1. Tool Kit

Toolkits are one of the market’s favorites. Simply because everyone wants to know what the pros use that creates so much success.

Syed Balkhi’s Toolkit here is no exception.

The advantage about Toolkit and what makes them better is that you can affiliate yourself or your brand in the content – as it’s a kit created by you that explains the process of your success thus bonus self-advertising.

  1. Self-Assessment/Free Consultation

Self-Assessments and Free Consultation are powerful lead magnets for instant consumption and gratification.

The lead magnet works wonders since it offers speedy connection to granular leads after filling out the form. You can personally market to each lead into converting after providing their assessment.

ExcelHelp is a company of programming and training professionals. Their landing page offers a form to fill for a free excel project consultation. Their traffic is able to learn about the benefits of ExcelHelp on the website and will contact the company if interested in availing a free consultation.

Offering a PDF as seen on their landing page adds extra incentive for visitors to send their contact info on top of a free consultation.

  1. Sales Material

There’s no need to strain your team into coming up with new lead magnet ideas. You only need to be creative… Generate qualified leads by using the sales material relative to your products as lead magnet!

Learn from furniture sales giant IKEA who ideally used their digital catalogue as a lead magnet for their product offerings. This works because market pricing and product/service descriptions are the most desired information for some market.

  1. Discount/Coupons/Exclusive Deals/Free Shipping

Dude Clothing is one of our partnered clients and this is the lead magnet we’ve created for them.

This lead magnet obviously works because everyone loves free stuffs and money saving vouchers! To most customers, an email address is a small price to pay for a potential 10% off and Free Shipping.

  1. Quiz

Infusionsoft is a marketing automation software for small to medium sized businesses.

Their quiz-type of lead magnet provides a brief overview of benefits after taking the IQ test. And while people always want to know more about themselves, a quiz lead magnet works effectively.

Emails are typically required wherein the results are being delivered to.

Curious? You can grow your email list through quiz building tools like Interact.

  1. Webinar/Recorded Training

Smart Marketer is an e-comm digital training program by Ezra Firestone.

Their website provides a sitewide pop-up that offers a free FB video ads training sent to email addresses.

Smart Marketer’s lead magnet offers just about what’s promised. It’s a free recorded training video packed with valuable lessons in marketing.

  1. Work Sheets/Cheat Sheets

Digital Marketer is a digital marketing membership website that offers info-products and training for paying members.

One of their many lead magnets is this Customer Avatar Worksheet template revisable for all customer use. The benefits of this lead magnet is already stated loud and clear before requiring any email form, which is a great practice.


These are just a few examples of many lead magnet ideas being practiced in the market.

If the content you recently released is a relevant, quality, original content your audience responds great to, consider saving it as a PDF file and using it as your original lead magnet!

Maximize your sales conversion with a great Lead Magnet and a Customer Sales Funnel behind it.


NOTE: You can generate leads and sales even though your organic content. You read that right – through free, unpaid content. Contact us to learn how through a FREE CONSULTATION we offer for the first 50 companies booked.

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