Building Your Offshore Digital Marketing Team

At 7&7 we are big advocates of equipping and empowering businesses to build out their internal digital marketing team. Learn more about training your team.

2020 & Beyond

Digital marketing is marketing, as you reflect back to how much impact digital marketing has had over the last 7 years to business of almost every type and size. Now look forward to 2020 and 2025, its only going to increase.

We work with many clients providing digital strategy + training for their internal staff. These packages start at $800 per month and include emergency help and access to the best digital marketing training we know of. Learn more about training your team.

Digital Marketing Training 8 Areas

Offshore Digital Marketing Teams


Some business choose to add offshore personnel to their digital marketing teams and for Australian business, the most common location to source personnel is the Philippines.

We recommend to our clients to use a site like to post your job. also has an extensive resource of tips and tricks, so spending 30 minutes will be well worth the time to gain a better understanding of offshoring success.

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