Granular Project Management and Billing Transparency with Accelo

By 9 August 2017Digital

We love helping businesses develop.

As a Conversion Optimisation Studio, every second that we spend are well intended to deliver lasting results.

We do our best to guarantee rock-solid results whether it’s an e-comm centric or business-to-business (B2B) process. We’ve had the pleasure to work with different clients from various industries. And with all the exciting projects comes the flocking of tasks in all sizes and forms.

Just as these tasks pile up, our hours in a day remains the same as everyone else’s. A day is comprised of 24 hours. A week is comprised of 7 days. It’s impossible to ask for more.

Don’t get us wrong – we love our projects just as we love our clients. But the 7&7 team is still human. We work with our creative, inside and outside-the-box minds. And being a working creative needs expert project management in meeting deadlines with the best output.

One of which we learned by using Accelo.

Accelo’s time tracking and team activity monitoring.

Addressing The Elephant In The Room

Before Accelo, we had no other ways of monitoring our time and projects.

Three people could’ve been spending hours on one project when it only required one person to tick it off the list.

Some of our clients have experienced this issue with their previous Digital Advertising Agencies. This problem only leads to a longer project time and resources — to which our clients pay us for. And we can’t really blame them for not trusting marketing firms after this experience.

There is no real connection and synergy between the team… so how else could we even convince our clients that every task assigned to us is aimed to deliver conversion?

We moved all of our client data on one centralised platform: Accelo.

Collaboration and time keeping has never been easier. Every task is now clear-cut and open for team cooperation.

For Clients

Not only is it integral to the team – Accelo also supports transparency to our clients.

Accelo offers the most detailed app for invoicing clients with its outstanding time tracking, client records, expenses, and quotes.

The platform supports a streamlined billing process. Making the client records, expenses, and invoicing more precise without draining all the manager’s time and effort.

Hand in hand with the team, Accelo’s management system, project planning, and tracking, collaboration is now more dynamic than ever.

Over budgeting in time and resource is mitigated for staffs and clients alike.

Streaming of activities under a client’s account.

Accelo Client Benefits

  • Complete Payment History
    Accelo records the payments directly into its cloud. These can be accessible for all managers in real time.
  • Online Payments
    Accelo supports online mode of payments through Mastercard, Visa, and American Express
  • Invoice Management
    Managers have the flexibility in managing invoices like fixing advance payments, overriding the amounts and access the billing history.
  • Integrated Invoicing
    Accelo’s Integrated Process creates easy invoice. Invoices can be a campaign under works or the total percentage of the overall project budget.
  • Activity Stream
    The activity stream indexes all kinds of activities – even extending to email replies.  Every task with a minute logged is identified with description on a granular level.
  • Consolidated Activities
    Client emails, attachments, notes, and all external data are all consolidated in one inbox and saved for archive.
  • Live monitoring
    See every tasks logged in real time, provided the access approved by the team. Monitor each action on your campaign for a hands on project management.
  • Automatic Updates
    Accelo works as a cloud based system. All project updates are automatically saved and displayed. No more worrisome delays and end of the day reports.

Project and campaign stream

Building Client Relationships

Our client portal supports genuine transparency – being one of the best benefits of Accelo.

Having visible, unfiltered streams on a real-time update encourages a better customer relationship with little to zero confusion on the project progresses. Gone were the days of fumbling for updates in the dark. Our clients are given access to monitor each tasks being done and completed for a better project management and collaboration.

Time tracking and billing become 99% more accurate. Our client portal relieves any unwanted surprises and worries over the billing while the project is well underway. If something had gone wrong, our clients can simply give us a phone and cancel the time tracking before the project exceeds its allotted budget.

Accelo CRM has been the best and simplest way to help our project management and client-related communication be unified. No more hours spent on timesheets, spreadsheets, and waiting for client quotes with worry that they may or may not have gone over budget with their campaigns.

We love our customers. We also love innovative technology to make our lives easier. And who said we can’t have both?


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