How do you get conversions?

To start off, you need to be asking yourself the right questions. Getting conversions is not just by asking how to get one – it’s a step by step process from getting cold traffic, turning that traffic into prospects, convert cold prospects into warm and soon into conversion, and continue remarketing to your old customers.

If you know how to ask the right questions – and consequently getting the right answers – then that’s how you get conversions.

It’s a big market with a wide range of strategies. Your competitors could be using one or two killer strategies of their own – ultimately deriving more conversions than you.

But reality check: who has the time to work on a marketing strategy when you’re too busy delivering the best product or service in the market?

One can only handle a limited projects to ensure its best quality. It’s either a successful marketing campaign or a top of the market product. Choose the one or the other – there’s no other option but to compromise.

It’s all about how you focus your time and your specialty. This is the main reason why our clients consider digital marketing consulting and trust our hard-earned marketing knowledge to raise their conversions.

As a Conversion Optimisation Studio, we’ve poured extensive days, hours, weeks, months, and years to be the best at what we do; which is to deliver rock-solid results and nothing less.

Not convinced?

Here are 10 more tangible and viable reasons to hire an outsourced digital marketing consultant.

  1. A Digital Marketing Consultant Helps You Get Customers
    Simply put, Digital Marketing Consulting can lead you to the right direction and score customers.
    Being visible and heard is one of the most essential, and most obvious, strategy in getting customers. The more visitors you have, the higher the chances of getting customers.
    And there’s no better way than consulting digital marketers on what is the best plan of action: whether it’s digital paid ads or organic inbound marketing. All these – even the nitty-gritty details like whether your landing page’s design is user friendly or if your call-to-action is effective.

Digital Marketing Consulting can go a long way for businesses of all sizes.
An invisible company with nearly zero search engine ranking can easily be one of the stand outs of the industry in a few months (if nurtured in good hands).
Digital Marketing Consultants simply know how to generate and nurture a well-balanced campaign capable of ranking you first on all search engine rankings and on any social media platforms. Strategic visibility = more customers.

  1. Keep Your Customer Engaged
    Keeping your customers engaged and interested in the long run can be a difficult task. It requires hands-on 24 x 7 x 365 monitoring to deeply understand how your customers think and feel about your business.
    Sure, you have your own website and social media accounts across all platforms – but are they really connecting with people?
    Everyone in your market is active online. A social presence does not equate to standing out. You will need more. By more I mean strong, influential content that will encourage interaction.
    Digital Marketing Consulting can create this two-way communication and engagement that will drive your audience’s curiosity.
  2. Strategy and Planning
    Marketing has become a modern battle and struggle for all businesses. Nearly everyone have their own market competition and standing out is more difficult as technology progresses.
    You need a Sun Tzu-level strategist to win your market not only for this week or month, but for all the years to come.
    Think you can cope with a digital marketing consultant? If you’re already planning a month ahead thinking this is a “proactive” method, you’re already a poor strategist. Digital Marketing Consultant spend a relative amount of their daily time to oversee all analytics data that could possibly affect your market price. Every data for every minute and hour of your sales are being considered on your next month’s strategy.
    So, unless you’re prepared to spend full of your time in watching and scheming, I suggest you to contact the closest capable agency and ask for their Digital Marketing Consulting.

    GET: 5x increase in leads. 57% increase in traffic. 100% increase in paid traffic.
    When we say we deliver results, we mean WE DELIVER. Hard. Contact 7&7 Now for your Free Consultation.
  3. Affordable
    Grab a calculator. Outsourcing your Digital Marketing Consulting is relatively cheaper than having an in-house marketing team.
    Just think about employing a list of full-stacked digital marketing team. You will need a copywriter, SEO specialist, digital advertising executive, video editor, graphic designer, web developer, social media manager, and so much more.
    All these job listings will be coming out of your pocket – added the training and benefits they will require.
    Wouldn’t it be relieving to cut down those expenses and have an integrated, fully experienced team at just a fraction of the price? Not to mention that by Digital Marketing Consulting, you could be having a fixed, month-to-month expense with no contract.
    Go ahead and make your choice.
  4. Healthy Competition
    Digital Marketing Consulting can help you scale your business’ reach beyond your competitor’s level.
    It is their job to be well-informed of internet marketing, what’s currently working, what’s not, what your customers want, and how your competitors are handling their situation.
    Part of a Digital Marketing Consultant’s job is to do active research on what will help you keep tabs of your market and always be a step ahead of your competitors (strategy and planning, remember?).
    Plus, all the precious time you’re currently pouring over internet marketing can be redirected on focusing your passion in growing your business! Isn’t that a two birds in one stone win?
  5. Growing your Business
    Speaking of growing your business, do you know the signs of a healthy business growth?
    A sudden boost of growth without source could be a more of a warning that something’s terribly wrong. Chances are, you’ll be enjoying this sudden jump for a quarter of the year and everything will come crashing.
    Not to be negative, but this is common in most businesses who aggressively expands.
    Digital Marketing Consulting can help scale businesses at a healthy rate, accompanied with suggestions on what’s the best strategy for your business for the next month and the others to come.
    Once your business gain a considerable amount of progress, your Digital Marketing team can easily swoop in and improve your website, social media, and your overall digital strategy.
  6. Tracking and Analytics
    Marketing is no magic. There’s no “deploy and wait for the results” plan of action. You are required to do solid research and statistics on your business before deploying any ad for a successful campaign.
    Tracking and Analytics can take up a substantial amount of time. Your external marketing team will consider every single digit across each and every platform. Whether it be on Google Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, and so much more.
    It takes a marketing expert to decipher the meaning of each number and how it will affect your business in a few weeks’ time – to which a Digital Marketing Firm can offer.

    GET: 5x increase in leads. 57% increase in traffic. 100% increase in paid traffic.
    When we say we deliver results, we mean WE DELIVER. Hard. Contact 7&7 Now for your Free Consultation.
  7. Monitored Reputation
    It’s no surprise to see one disgruntled client venting their dissatisfaction on social media – which inevitably affects the image of the company.
    92% of consumers read online reviews. 88% of online shoppers, on the other hand, incorporate reviews into their purchase decision.
    Digital Marketing Consulting can also equate as your social media and public relations manager (often even more).
    One bad post can ultimately affect this month’s sales. One or two bad reviews are truly inevitable – just a hiccup along the road which every business experience. So it’s best to be proactive with a digital marketing partner.
  8. Top-Notch Digital Ads and Inbound Marketing Expertise
    Get fresh, creative ideas with trained professionals through digital marketing consulting; whether it be for a paid or organic marketing.
    Your Digital Marketing team is being paid to deliver nothing but the best results. They developed the instincts to detect influential marketing and their advance access to the latest software can be a major leverage in improving your conversions.
    Digital Marketing Consulting offers great insights on top-notch marketing to guarantee these results.
  9. Long-Term Partner
    Finding a great Digital Marketing firm might as well be your business’ best-friend (as cheesy as it may sound). A Digital Marketing Consultant will be your aid when discussing the future of your business.
    An added head could go a long way in analysing the best option for your brand’s future. All the while, they can proactively manage your current marketing strategy to take steps closer in achieving this future.

From getting customers to partnership, the benefits of a Digital Marketing Consultant can only be so limitless – as long as you are with a capable and effective marketing team.

Want to know more on how Digital Marketing Consulting can help your business? Contact 7&7 Digital for a FREE CONSULTATION.

GET: 5x increase in leads. 57% increase in traffic. 100% increase in paid traffic.
When we say we deliver results, we mean WE DELIVER. Hard. Contact 7&7 Now for your Free Consultation.

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