Facebook Hypertargeting.

Our successful client campaign has got us 95 leads only within the span of 30 days. That’s 2 leads per day, or at least 15 leads per week.

Outstanding? You bet.

Impossible? Not at all.

How We Generated 95 Leads In One Month

A year ago, Dr. Levi’s Sleep Clinic struggled to accomplish getting new leads. This pushed them to even go as far as hiring digital agencies to hook new enquiries.

Still, these early efforts are to no effects… at least not until a conversion optimisation studio took a shot.

The common problem: Online Advertisement ≠ Post Boost.

This is where most internal marketing team and even digital marketing agencies fall short.

Sure, let’s be generous and say boosting posts or winning Adword bids redirects little of your advertising budget back through the form of leads… But is this really the most cost-efficient way to get leads?

While there’s a chance a small percent of users are willingly convert, a minimum purchase from one or two of these leads are not going to deliver any investment return. (remember that the sales funnel is an inverted triangle for a reason: your initial prospects naturally fall off each stage. 30 leads on the awareness stage could only mean half the customer conversion.)

Digital Agencies who consider merely boosting posts as “digital advertising” are plainly cashing out high budget on poor techniques to hook customer.

At 7&7 Digital, we work a little more strategically…

Facebook Hypertargeting Ads

We created and split-tested over 40 ad deliverables to choose from which appeals best to customers.

These ads were thoroughly optimised under our marketing and design specialist teams; scrutinized thoroughly from the headline copies, CTA, and visual components.

We hypertargeted people with snoring problems, those who suffer sleep apnea, and even their bedroom partners.

Facebook Hypertargeting worked with high accuracy once partnered with our ad creatives. Each ad delivered highly specific messages to an equally precise target niche.

The ads were strategically plotted to emotionally connect with the prospects and trigger them to convert without hesitation.

Our market oppositions, on the other hand, also ran their own facebook ads (which we suspect are only boosted posts). Given the competitor’s widespread ad reach, we can only guess that they spent massive to reach a broad segment of target market.

Which one delivered more leads?

Going with the most basic saying: Quality > Quantity.

Our optimised ads send clear-cut messages to the defined highest potential customers.

By sending out a more personal ad to specific targets, we’re able to deliver better problem awareness which gives us a better conversion leverage than blind advertising to a vague market niche.

Once a prospect decides to turn themselves into leads and click through our hypertargeted ads, they will be redirected to our highly optimised landing page. These landing pages were designed to be equally specific to address each hyper-targeted concern.

7&7 Digital - Digital Marketing - Facebook Hypertargeting

Landing Pages

We designed and developed over 10 landing pages for Dr. Levi’s. Each of these are with their own method and angle of persuading prospects into the sales funnel.

The landing pages were split-tested simultaneously to determine which one works best in generating leads.

Statistics of user engagement were then extracted per page and we placed our bet on the best performing ones.



Read more about how to create an effective landing page:

Daily Budget Optimisation

Facebook Hypertargeting users to a highly optimised landing page is one of the most important strategy a conversion optimisation studio can deploy.

The cost-per-click remarkably dropped – and even the cost-per-conversion.

Each dollar saved allowed us to set a new rich target niche with highly optimised ad and landing page, and so on.

Facebook hypertargeting is massively powerful. This is how you get more out of less.

7&7 Digital - Digital Marketing - Facebook Hypertargeting


Does marketing end with a single ad or purchase?

Definitely not.

Pixels were installed within Dr. Levi’s web page and landing pages. These virtual pixels drop cookies into each user device that will help our hypertargeted ads to track their location and regain their attention.

Pixels allow us to remarket to our missed leads easily and finally get them to convert. We managed to maximise Dr. Levi’s untapped market by getting each conversion to purchase, increase the value of their purchase, and even the frequency of their purchase.

With this system, 7&7 can ensure that Dr. Levi is having healthy, steady, and scalable business growth.

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