Last week, I talked about the importance of Google Business Page. Mostly on why it has become a necessity for businesses of all sizes to start transferring their information on Google.

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This week, I wanted to touch on Google’s business reviews and how you can streamline the ability for your clients to submit a review for your business (’cause if you don’t have the exposure already, it can actually be pretty hard to find your Google business page and leave a review.

Google Business Reviews

I’m heavily emphasising the importance of Google Business Page’s capability to gather customer reviews on your business in this article as it has a knock on effect of your social and search visibility.

By combining Search Engine Visibility and good customer reviews, you get the ultimate formula for a powerful first impression.

The whole rationale behind this is: Google supports customer reviews on your business’ search results. Each google search on your business will automatically be supported by social proof in the form of genuine customer reviews.

Advantages of Google Customer Reviews

A Google Business Page has tons of benefits; getting customer reviews just one of them. And after getting customer reviews, you’ll have three more sub-benefits. These are:

  1. Strong Social Proof
    92% of consumers read online reviews and 84% of them trust online reviews.
    With this much influence, just having one or two honest reviews to back your brand will surely affect your sales in a positive way. What does this mean? Your marketing effort is still not enough without an establishing social proof. 88% of online shoppers incorporate online reviews into their purchase decision – with a tonne of digital noise these days, if you are not providing social proof of your services of products, you are restricting your client base.
  2. Reviews Induce Credibility
    Each and every review is highly valuable. Google requires a verified user account to leave a review for businesses; which means it’s harder to leave anonymous review. Moreover, it makes it harder for customer testimonials to be fabricated by anyone from the business to make themselves look good.
  3. Join Google’s Local Pack
    While it’s great to get started with a few Google reviews, reaching a minimum of 5 customer reviews gets you in an inner circle that will boost your exposure, it’s kind of joining the “local pack” listings, the select few brands in your trade that Google gives an extra little high five to.
    The local pack listing is the suggestion Google offers on general business category searches (to which Google will refer you once reaching 5 reviews).

If, for example, I just googled “bakery NSW” and Google recognised the top local bakeries (with at least 5 reviews) and referred them to the me.
NOTE: Ranking may vary. Google considers the most reviewed and commented business to list them on their lead (now the first 3 businesses) pack.


Getting Google Customer Reviews

The hard part is that waiting for a Google Customer Review seems like it will take forever. Like I mentioned at the start of the article, if this is a new strategy for you, it can actually be hard to find your business listing in the first place.

Most of your searchers will probably first-time customers – so, no chances of reviews there. Getting your previous customers to search for your name in Google and find the exact place to submit their review is convoluted and a barrier for completion.

So how do you get Customer Reviews?

One way is to extract your Google’s Business Page link and forward it to your customers, cutting out all of the fluff in the middle.

Think of it the same as when mobile apps ask for your review and forward you to their iTunes/Google Play Page. It’s a common and effective practice to communicate with your customers and establish social proof.

Extracting Your Google Review Page Direct URL

  1. Ready your Google My Business
    If you don’t have one, refer to this article for the step-by-step guide in creating your Google Business Page. Ensure that all details you input are accurate and verify your account with the PIN sent by Google.
  2. Search for your business through Google’s incognito mode.
    Incognito guarantees fresh searches without any cookies (just as how users will google you), regardless if you’re logged in or not.
    Browse via Google Chrome and open its incognito mode (Ctrl + Shift + N). Look for your business name and exact location on google to get your page, as such:
  3. Click “Write a Review”
  4. Google will now require you to sign in. This is where you will extract the URL.
  5. If following our procedure under 7&7 Digital, this will be your review URL:….0…1.1.64.psy-ab..0.4.590…0i131k1.6ZrxnqUfiik#lrd=0x6b12ae4040057745:0x3f265e1b5e6aa9a3,3,

It’s way too long… and ugly, I know. All the reason to proceed to step 6.

  1. Shorten your URL
    Simplify your URL with and you’re good to go.
  2. Optional: Campaign URL Builder
    If you plan to use your review URL for a larger campaign or plainly just to track your URL’s analytics and performance, use Google Analytics’ Campaign URL Builder instead of step 6’s

    Here will require you to fill up your website URL, Campaign source, and other additional details.

Simply enter your google review URL on the Website URL container. Specify the medium your link is for, whether if it’s for a newsletter, a facebook posts, tweets, etc. (this is where you will find its source).
Campaign URL Builder automatically generates your URL further down the page. Shorten it on your discretion.

This will help you track the traffic source of each reviews to further nail their effectivity.


You have successfully set up your google review link.

With Google prioritising on moving all offline details online, a Google Business Page with a good social record from your previous clients has become a necessity for businesses of all sizes.

Now you have a simple link to forward to your clients and ultimately establish your Business’ Review Page.

Good luck 🙂

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