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With our previous post, we’ve talked about the importance of a good loading time and how to analyze your website’s performance.

We now know that it’s not just about your target audience: nearly everyone on the web is hasty about their everyday roundabout. And this is why you need to invest well on the efficiency and the speed of your WordPress website.

Luckily, we’ve found these easy hacks to accelerate your WordPress load time up to .5 seconds!


  • Delete and replace slow plugins

Deactivate and delete any plugins that are not in use. Install P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) and start a system scan.

P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) WordPress Website Load SpeedP3 (Plugin Performance Proflier) shows the performance of your plugins’ loading time. You can either delete the slow ones or replace them with faster, more lightweight plugins. Minimize as many plugins as you can.

  • Cleanup your WordPress

Scrapping blog post residues and cluttered comments will help speed up your loading process.

WP Optimize WordPress Website Load SpeedWP-Optimize is a great plugin tool that will delete unnecessary post revisions, auto-drafts, and spam from your WordPress site. Install WP-Optimized and start removing irrelevant and repetitive materials from your website to keep things lightweight.

  • Update WordPress

This goes without saying. Make sure WordPress Core, Themes, and Plugins are up to date. Also address that all of your themes and plugins are updated for an overall improved code base.

You can check your hosting panel if they have an automatic update option for continuous and easier enhancement.

  • Use a lightweight themes

StudioPress WordPress Website Load Speed ThemeUse a lightweight theme and rely on plugins only when adding the functionality you will need. StudioPress offers well-coated themes with built-in SEO and security. It is also recommended by the founder of WordPress, Yost, and Matt Cutts.



This is just a quick list of easily accessible ways to further speed up your website’s load time. Optimizing your WordPress can be a great advantage to get your all of your content out there and keep your audience happy.

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