The images are usually the largest files and a sloppy placement without proper compression can cause your site to run slower.

As if that’s not bad enough—

Did you know that an average of 40% users abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load?

Or that

47% of users expect a webpage to load within 2 seconds?

Now, that’s just a lot of expectations. But it doesn’t mean it’s impossible to overcome.

On our previous post, we talked about some helpful and easy tips on how to achieve an outstanding .5-second load time on your WordPress website.

Need to go faster and smoother?

Here are more tips on how to optimize your images in keeping your website lightweight:

  • Serve Scaled Images

Optimize images by going to your GT metrics report. Under the serve scaled images, you will see the ones that are needed to be resized and the GT metrics will detect and suggest the right dimensions for the image.

Edit and re-upload the updated images and replace the ones on your website.

  • Specify Image Dimensions

If any error occurs from serving scaled images, resort to specifying your image dimensions. Open the HTML content and directly indicate the image dimensions with its width and height. This can also be done in the CSS, and trust that the GT metrics will lay out the appropriate size.

  • Lossless image compression

Start losslessly compressing all your images on your website.

Imagify plugin wordpress

Imagify is a great WordPress plugin tool with up to 100 MB/month for free. Adjust your image compression level – this plugin can let you choose between normal, aggressive, and ultra. And once you’ve reached your monthly limit, you can either wait for the next consumable or apply for a paid plan.



Keeping your website lightweight doesn’t just stop from the plugins – images take up a sizable amount of load time as well. Be keen and speed up your site to encourage your consumers in sticking around and engaging with your content.

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