Setting Up A Google Business Page

Search Engine Optimisation is not easy.

Sure, it looks easy… but it’s not. Especially when everybody on your street is trying to rocket their way to the first page.

The hard truth is: Search Engine Optimisation can be expensive, competitive, and downright difficult.

But on some very special cases, believe it or not, a user doesn’t necessarily have to see your website to make a purchase decision. This is particularly common for small-medium sized businesses.

Sometimes all they need is your contact information, your physical location, and let them flock in.

Introducing: Google Business Page

Setting Up A Google Business Page

Google My Business allows enlisting of businesses from all sizes on both Google Search and Google Maps. Gone are the days of users inconveniently digging a business’ website to find one contact information. Google My Business is a FREE tool to help businesses stand out and promote user friendly searches.

Google prioritises on moving every offline detail online. Which is why it’s time to start working on improving your digital reviews and showcase these positive comments for everyone to see.

It has since become a staple for local SEO advantage, increases the visibility of small businesses, and developed to be a critical data for any local campaign.

The Formula for a Powerful First Impression

Setting Up A Google Business Page

Here’s what I personally love about the Google Business Page (aside the fact that it’s free):

  1. Search Engine Visibility
  2. Getting Customer Reviews

Google’s Business Listing is a powerful tool to get the best impression for your business.

Take note that visibility is not the only thing that this medium offers. It also serves as a review platform for your previous customers.

This means you get: first page of results + a free qualitative review survey from your willing customers.

This easily sets itself as the best formula because 1. People will see you and 2. Your business will automatically be followed by a social proof.

All of which makes you visible + supported by an excellent quality of first impression.

Do Reviews Matter?

Statistically speaking, 92% of consumers read online reviews while 88% of online shoppers incorporate reviews into their purchase decision.

Consumers simply trust other consumers better than your marketing efforts. It’s a cold, hard truth. This only proves more reason to consider Google Business Page critical on all digital marketing strategy.

Google Business Page reviews are of high value and cannot be easily replicated under false accounts. This is because leaving reviews strictly require an existing Google account. This verifies its authenticity and legitimacy to every user – since no fake review can be published only to make the business look good.

More Reasons to Opt for a Google Business Page

Here’s a few more reasons why you should be setting up your own Google Business Page:

  • It’s free.
  • Customers can easily find you in one search entry.
  • It’s mobile friendly.
  • Google My Business automatically enlists you to google search, maps, and google+ in one account.
  • You can set up multiple locations for businesses with multiple physical locations.
  • Offers customers all the information they need to effortlessly connect with you.
  • Accessible with Google Analytics (views, clicks, and follows).
  • You can post photos, videos, and reviews of your previous clients.
  • Your customers can write their personal review and experience with your brand.

Set-Up Your Business On Google Search and Maps

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to enlist your business and appear on Google’s search and map results.

  1. Open Google My Business. Either sign in or complete your sign-up form. Proceed to “Start Now”.
    Setting Up A Google Business Page
  2. Fill out your information.
    Setting Up A Google Business Page
  3. Add the necessary information for your business.
    Setting Up A Google Business Page
    Choose the category most applicable for your business. Be accurate. Google will classify your business for future keyword searches and how you will match to these searches.
    Remember to identify the exact name, address, and phone number relative to your business – what you type here will be the one presented default to Google’s search and map results. Always be consistent on your spelling on abbreviated and non-abbreviated words (e.g. Street vs. St.).
  4. Verify Your Business
    Setting Up A Google Business Page
    Google will verify your business’s location to ensure authenticity. A postcard will be sent within 1-2 weeks with a verification PIN.
    This PIN will be valid for only 30 days before it expires; wherein you would have to send a new application and go back to square one.
    Receiving PIN via calls and texts are seldom available. If encountered, it is suggested to choose them for a convenient listing instead of waiting for a postcard.
  5. Confirm Your Business
    Setting Up A Google Business Page
    You will appear unverified until the PIN identifies otherwise.
    After getting the PIN, go to maps > see your location > enter the numbers on the designated form provided.
    Once the business is verified, authorize and confirm your information by agreeing to the terms of services.
  6. Add all the information on your Google My Business dashboard.
    Setting Up A Google Business Page
    Log into and manage your location.
    This will lead you to your business’ dashboard where posts, photos, Google Analytics, Insights, and Reviews are found. Proceed to the Info tab and provide all the necessary information of your business.
    Edit away!


Congratulations, your business is now visible on Google search and maps!

Setting Up A Google Business Page

Remember to keep your information consistent not only on Google’s Review Page but across the wide expanse of the world wide web.

This key value is important not only for your keyword optimisation, but most especially for your customer inquiries.

With everyone now consulting search engines, it’s a necessity to migrate your business information online to better connect with people.

And setting up your business information has never been easier; thanks to Google Business Page.

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