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Shopify and BuzzFeed has teamed up to better showcase products to a wider audience reach.

This new BuzzFeed Channel from Shopify’s app store lets businesses tag their products for Buzzfeed editors to search, find, and consider.

If an item is among their liking, it will be put into their product queue of being featured in Buzzfeed’s campaigns, product lists, or onsite content.

Buzzfeed is currently one of the largest online publishers worldwide with a traffic range of over 200 million readers to which businesses can highly benefit from.

If you wish to make your product viral, BuzzFeed could be the best horse to bet upon. And this latest integration makes product sharing to BuzzFeed writers easier than ever.

How does the integration work?

You can get this app for free and have your products trending in three simple steps.

  1. Install the BuzzFeed channel from the Shopify App Store;
  2. Select the product you’d like BuzzFeed to discover and finally;
  3. Set your commission rate.

Shopify’s App Store featuring the BuzzFeed channel.


BuzzFeed writers will pick up on your product and embed your link to their original content.

Your featured product will drive customers from their content and to your store.

Sales traffic generated are collected from your shop. BuzzFeed will provide the tracking attribution and organize a commission payout per month after your customer purchase. All you really need to do is coordinate the fulfillment of orders.

BuzzFeed’s expert writers will choose the products that best engage with its audience (more than 50% of which are between the ages 18 – 34). They’ll be responsible with the content which excites the crowd to your product offer.

To be qualified, you need to be on Shopify’s $29/month plan or higher and have an online store channel for your business. This is exclusive for channels located in/ship to United States with a USD currency.

Click here to read the full Shopify article release.


Which product of yours do you want to start trending? Start with Shopify’s BuzzFeed channel now!
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