Throughout the week, everyone had been raving about the game (honorary mention: the half-time performance).

But just as the country was surprised by the Super Bowl’s results, its advertisements also did not fall short on catching worldwide attention.

Super Bowl Ads traditionally have a span of 30 seconds and beyond. Of which comes with a price of $5 Million per 30 second air time across millions of home viewers.

How much impact can these ads bring to massive companies?

A study in 2014 suggests that 80% of Super Bowl ads DON’T help sales.

And 60% of the ads they tested DON’T increase purchase or purchase intent.

Big companies are simply buying out their chances by blowing out $5 Million per 30-second.

Why do they keep airing ads?

marketers still love being above the social conversations even if there’s no guarantee that even the most expensive ad can prove a return on investment. To which we need look at more as an online strategy than waiting for an instant TV-based result.

Virality is the key. Extending an ad’s impact long after the game is the goal.

Getting ad spotlight for weeks after the big game may give a positive top of mind awareness and overall results.

And with that, we listed down our favorite Super Bowl advertisements of 2017 all marketers could learn from:
  1. Audi

Audi took its advertisement to a not-so-subtle emotional message about gender equality. The minute-long story features a father’s dream for his competitive daughter in overcoming gender inequality by asking “What do I tell my daughter?”. The company took a blatant finish with bold white text over black background stating: “… equal pay for equal work. Progress is for everyone.”

  1. Airbnb

Airbnb had been courageous with their clear political message in their #weaccept ad. It’s simplicity and minimalism stood out among the other splashing ads.  They took a chance on sending a message about the recent travel ban controversy. While we keep no stance, Airbnb taught us to take advantage of current situations in which viewers can openly relate to.

  1. SquareSpace

Get your domain before it’s gone. From emotional messages to pure entertainment, Squarespace filmed actor John Malkovich’s struggle in getting his domain ready by featuring Malkovich’s acting brand in a fairly amusing commercial.

  1. Mr Clean

Just as Squarespace steered clear from all the political and current issues, Mr. Clean busted his sexy dance moves in its comedic 30 second spot. It showcased their well-known icon, Mr. Clean, doing household chores (and unintentionally attracting the woman of the house). To make things even more fun and interesting, Mr. Clean did a live tweet coverage of the game along with millions of users that garnered over hundreds of organic responses.

Today’s marketing activities simply show us that TV commercial isn’t purposed just for TV anymore. Sparking conversations week-long after the air date is just as important in catching your customers’ attention above the thousands of ads worldwide.

Advertisers simply must expand their imagination and content to standout in today’s distracted environment.


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