The era of Digital Video Marketing has long begun.

We’ve given you the professional opinions, the signs, the numbers — all supporting the continuous growth of Digital Video Marketing to induce your audience into your brand.

Experts from Forbes, Cisco, Huffington Post, The Guardian are but a few of the many recognized names across many industries to promote Digital Video Marketing.

Branded videos are everywhere. Simply scroll through YouTube or other social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat to see our point. These usually followed by great conversions (much of every marketers’ delight).

Companies and businesses are experimenting with video through video ads to original video content. But which ones appeal to the most audience this 2017?

Here are our top types of digital video marketing trends this 2017.

  1. YouTube Video Ads

    digital video marketing

This spans from YouTube’s non-skippable and skippable ad rolls which are the most appealing and effective forms among the 6 types of YouTube Ads.

There are no doubts with YouTube’s reach — considering its billion viewers per month.

And the cherry on top?

It’s completely cost-effective because Google only charges every 30-second views of your ad. This leaves you the trouble of spending a dime on those who completely shuts out your video after the mandatory 5-second screen play.

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  1. Native Video Ads

Ad blockers continue to be an advertisement’s nightmare. Spending dollars on an advertisement completely invisible to viewers is the best way to bankrupt your advertising fund (in case you’re aiming for that).

So, what’s the pending solution to face this “problem”?

You got it: Native Video Ads.

With a good content strategy, a native advertising video ad appears like a regular content paid by advertisers.

The content can range from tutorials, product demos, corporate motion graphics, and product placements to name a few. This is effective only by incorporating a brand’s strategy in a subtle manner.

In this way, viewers can enjoy the usable content while taking a good notice at your brand.

  1. Facebook Videos

    facebook business ads

Facebook offers the best granularity unlike any other platform. The social media giant even continues to develop the platform to be more and more marketer-friendly for businesses of all sizes.

Facebook provides thousands of re-targeting options to help you find your right audience thus making every dime spent on the site worth it.

And with its billion regular views from people who actively share videos, your audience reach will undoubtedly be achieved in no time.

Thanks to its residents, Facebook has largely become a sub video platform under all the newsfeed updates. This comes as a bonus for marketers on top of its great marketing granularity.

The key, like on all platforms online or offline, is to create a content able to hold your audience’s attention throughout the time and become compelling enough for them to hit share.

The same content standards are still applicable: interesting, inspirational, and entertaining videos.

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  1. Video Resources

A key resource for promoting your product is through videos.

In fact, many companies with a team directly selling to consumers or distributors utilize a video as a material to help them get more impact during live presentations.

An in-house video training can also help your team understand the many benefits of your product easier than reading it manually. Thus establishing better prospect branding for your product ambassadors.

Videos as such can range from usable content like company presentation, tutorials, how-tos, corporate motion graphics, product demos, to name a few.

  1. Virtual Reality

It may sound far-fetched at first, but you will regret thinking so once the giant wave of Virtual Reality hits.

For now, virtual reality headsets are being sold for retail consumers on the market for entertainment factors, majorly on gaming. But experts predict this will eventually be used for various personal needs.

Many professional advertisers are now looking for ways to create branded video for virtual reality to strengthen the image of their clients. Preparing for the big storm, so to say.

Unconvinced? 360-degree videos already paved the way to light a spark for the bigger fire to come that is Virtual Reality. To which many brands such as National Geographic and The New York Times has already effectively adapted.


There’s obviously no stopping video as it becomes one of the most important marketing strategies of 2017 and more incoming years.

This is only a glimpse of the trending digital video marketing mediums to explore on your next blueprints without predicting others to rise in the following years we could only imagine.

Remember that only a good content creates good audience. It’s important to create videos that only impacts your bottom line, above all else.


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