Troubleshoot non-converting ads to high convertingConversion doesn’t happen overnight.

I could only wish it does. Imagine how that could make all our lives easier…

And here’s another familiar marketing misconception:

Not all paid traffic is bound to succeed!

Just because you paid $20 traffic on your offer, you’re not set to get 50-something conversions. Nor 30… and even 20 conversions.

Truth is, there is no guarantee that you’ll get ANY conversions regardless of the price you place on your ad.

You could be paying $100 and get only about 3 leads. Yes – you’ll gain traffic and exposure just as what you paid for. But that’s completely it.

It’s on your viewer’s discretion if they decide to convert. It’s on your ad if it’s convincing and competent enough to make them convert.

Fear not – it’s not the end of the world.

No one likes the feeling of wasting their money over nothing. So, I’ve set up a checklist of what you should fine-tune to significantly improve your non-converting ads into high-converting ones.

Non-Converting Ads Troubleshooting Checklist:

1. Offer

Optimise your offer.

Your offer could range from blog posts, PDF downloads, Marketing Videos, Trials, Product Demos, E-books, White Papers, Reports, etc, etc. All kinds of offer – you know what I’m talking about.

But do you know how your offer could be affecting your conversion rate?

When was the last time you double checked if your offer is something that your target actually WANTS?

Is this something they would be genuinely interested in, or is it something that would benefit the image of your company?

Your formula needs to have be a mix of both.

The offer issue is the most common problem for non-converting ads. There’s no sense in releasing an offer in favor of your brand if no one would care about it.

Going back to our Ultimate Content Marketing Kit, ask yourself these following questions:

  • Is it relevant to your market?
  • Is it raising awareness to a problem? (Making them aware of this problem they didn’t know they had)
  • Does it offer a solution for the problem of a specific group of people?
  • Is it a high value offer?

Answer honestly.

If one question is skipped, received a “no”, or even a doubtful “maybe”, then X marks the spot. You’ve found your problem.

The core and the heart of your ad is your offer. No one cares about how often they see your ad or how compelling your ad creative may be. If your offer is something your market don’t need, you might as well be wasting money on something else that’s beneficial because you’ll soon find a dead-end.

[Download Your Non-Converting-Ad-Checklist Here]

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2. Ad Copy

 “… unless your headline sells your product, you have wasted 90 percent of your money…” – David Ogilvy

A catchy image and offer isn’t everything that makes up a good advertisement.

You need to provide a good ad copy for the specific platform you’re running the ad on. Here’s an example of a Facebook ad copy from Dollar Shave Club:


An Ad example from Dollar Shave Club.

Some tips in making a high converting, compelling ad creative

  • Headline
    Speak to your users as directly as possible. Your first sentence should speak for your offer instantly. Focus on answering “what” the users will be getting out of your offer.
  • Benefits
    Sell the sizzle, not the steak. Lay your benefits as quickly as you can. As I’ve said, immediately answer “what” your users will be getting out of this offer. Make it indispensable and irresistible in one sentence.
  • “You”
    Use the “you” Point-of-view or what we call the second person POV.
    Why? Because people are narcissists. Just as you’re the only one who care about your brand, users have their own set of problems you’re not a part of… Unless you strategize your attack and make everything about them.
  • Use [Brackets]
    Brackets work best for announcements since they pull the attention quickly to what’s inside your offer. Common examples are: [FREE Training], [FREE Webclass], [Free Download], [NEW Video], etc.
  • Insert your call-to-action
    Never forget to place a CTA to direct your users to the next step instead of guessing.

Here’s another example of a job well done by DigitalMarketer.

Digital Marketer Non-converting ads troubleshoot

An Ad example from Digital Marketer

Notice how most of our bullet-points reflect on their ad headline?

Get More Conversion. See Also:

GET: 5x increase in leads. 57% increase in traffic. 100% increase in paid traffic.
When we say we deliver results, we mean WE DELIVER. Hard. Contact 7&7 Now for your Free Consultation.

3. Targeting

Feeling confident so far?

Here’s what: Are you sure your offer’s great? Can you give your ad creative a 10/10?

If everything seems fine but your output are still non-converting ads, check your targeting.

Knowing your market personally, with all your heart and like the back of your hand is an underestimated skill in my opinion.

You could be making the perfect, award-worthy ads and it still wouldn’t convert if it’s shown to people who couldn’t care less about your industry. You’re digging the wrong hole when others could be goldmines. Your conversions wouldn’t budge – it would still be flat-out zero.

Targeting your ads to a custom audience is important.

Take a look at this simple case example:

If you’re a mountaineering equipment company, you wouldn’t target ads to all users in hopes you could convince them to hike. You need to be granular where you place your budget. On this case, set your target in the matter of lifestyle. See those who are passionate in climbing mountains or anything of the like.

You can limit your market’s demographic like their gender, age, income, etc. but your demographics isn’t where your targeting ends. You need to dig in deeper inside your market’s mind.

Here’s some guide questions to tie yourself in your target market’s shoes:

  • What could be their specific needs, challenges, or frustrations?
  • What are their hobbies and interests?
  • Which digital platform do they usually visit?
  • What could drive them into making a purchase decision?
  • How could your product/service help them address their problems?

4. Experimentation

Experiment, experiment, experiment!

Our team believes that marketing is both an art and a science.

Weaving the ad creatives to attract potential customers is the art. But marketing doesn’t end there. You need to experiment an ad’s every possible angle to know which works best and which to steer clear of.

It’s why we’re so fond of A/B split testing.

Whether it be a Facebook ad, Youtube inroll ad, Google PPC ad, Instagram ad, or generally whatever ad for any platform, it’s best to keep those data close and compare two or more variables.

Your result could show that only 2 ads actually generate good conversions out of your 10 ad varieties. Don’t be easily disheartened. You’re not alone, this is common practice for marketers.

Split Testing Basic Steps:

  • Create two or more ad variations (of which you are most confident that will make the most conversion)
  • Host your ads with different URLs to identify which is which
  • Set your ads with the same target market and ad budget
  • Compare the ads to see which delivers the most conversion
  • The variable with the most conversion is the front-runner

Is your front-runner ad’s conversion rate still not convincing?

Repeat step one by tweaking the offer, ad creatives, and target market. Compare your new findings with your original front-runner. Continue experimenting your non-converting ads until you score bingo.


As marketers, we need to be money-wise with every single penny we spend. Ad Traffic without any conversion simply wouldn’t do.

Before axing them off your campaign, consider this checklist to convert your non-converting ad to your best converting yet!

[Download Your Non-Converting-Ad-Checklist Here]

GET: 5x increase in leads. 57% increase in traffic. 100% increase in paid traffic.
When we say we deliver results, we mean WE DELIVER. Hard. Contact 7&7 Now for your Free Consultation.

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