Work Hard. Play Harder.

A playground for the passionate marketing gurus.

Digital Marketing Special Forces

We are the ones sought by businesses when none of their marketing efforts deliver feasible results – the final resort to pull a one-eighty turn.

I see a team of highly competent staff who are cutting edge, deeply knowledgeable, and extremely experienced in their disciplines.
–  ­Liam Obrien, CEO


7&7 is established on a genuine and passionate marketing ground.

We developed an environment tailored fit for each of our team, enforcing one common objective: to build 7&7 as a competitive training ground for everyone to excel on their respective careers.
This serves us as a long-term, symbiotic or a mutually beneficial goal: a continuous growth for each member while the company yields these training.

Core Values

Our values determine our fundamental beliefs as an organisation and serve as our unwavering guide to fulfilling our goals for every client.

  1. Know The Why
    The first step in becoming an effective Digital Marketing Agency is by knowing the reason why we do our work.
  2. Results Oriented
    We make the right decisions best to return good results, own the outcome, and stay client centric.
  3. World Class
    We are the best of the best. We work on a global standard that exceeds expectations.
  4. Nurture a positive and collaborative environment
    We consistently demonstrate an unselfish commitment to working with others. No negativism and we constantly recognise ideas from other staff.
  5. Never let your team down
    We support each other to rise above challengers, to work through adversity, and inspire others.
  6. Innovation
    We foster creativity that challenges constraints and drives progress. We pursue growth and learning everyday.
  7. Celebrate the wins
    Every win counts, no matter how big or small, we will celebrate it. We work hard and play hard.


Our culture determines who we are as a team. This is crucial for our everyday creative work environment that inspires our deliverable.

  1. Fun and vibrant
    We work with zest and passion for our individual respective disciplines, marketing, and generally for life.
  2. Lifestyle
    We recognise our lifestyle’s value. We aim for a healthy and active lifestyle and promote flexible hours and leaves.
  3. Great People
    Each and everyone of our staff are experienced on their own respective fields; including the management.
  4. Valued and rewarded
    We offer a competitive and generous pay, health coverage and insurances, and more office benefits.
  5. Cutting Edge
    We offer continuous learning, training, growth, and challenges. We are a tech-savvy team only including the latest & the greatest.
  6. Creativity and freedom
    We promote individuality and diversity. We encourage our team to explore endlessly with our try-and-fail-and-try-again ideology.
  7. Excel and accelerate
    We guarantee self-improvement and career growth to all our team members of all levels.

7&7 Digital is always looking for passionate marketing heads to bring their own strengths to the table.
We offer equal opportunities, competitive salaries, and a wide range of benefits.