Acumotive’s Most Effective Way To Interact with the Market



Acumotive faced the difficulty to present themselves and their solutions to the ridesharing market. They have exhausted almost all viable mediums such as PDFs and Slide Presentation to deliver their ridesharing solution but to no avail.

Acumotive needed a clever way to reach their market and disseminate their product information effectively.


7&7 produced a video explainer.
> Sourcing voice over talents
> Developed a script to match their target market
> Developed a storyboard to highlight the key sales points using images, text, video and animation
> Produced high quality video to match the storyboard design
> Delivered the video in appropriate formats for the Acumotive’s requirements



The video explainer created for Acumotive was a success! The market viewers easily understood the benefits of the Acumotive solution.

Video explainers, as found, worked excellently in the industry as compared to their previous expensive strategies.


Acumotive is a real-time vehicle and driver compliance system that provides far greater governance of vehicles and drivers than traditional taxi services This puts the ridesharing industry into a formidable position by mitigating the perceived negatives of their business model.

Acumotive changes the landscape for ridesharing companies.


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