Information Dissemination and Digital Services with Aitken Investment Management


AIM needed the support to reach out and establish communication with their clients through its digital platforms. The company faced the challenge to maintain brand scent and a professional take on how their newsletter should be professionally designed.


7&7 provided AIM cutting edge Digital Services.
> HTML newsletter setup and dispatch
> Publishing the newsletter on the website
> Fact sheet professional design layout and updating
> Website security
> Adding video intro and outros


AIM has successfully connected with its clients for company reporting and announcements.

Charlie Aitken, AIM’s Chief Investment Officer, now regularly release his world-class newsletters via emails and on the AIM website.

The website has also been levered with added layers of security personally tested by 7&7 to mitigate risks.


The AIM Global High Conviction fund focuses on delivering distinct high conviction investment solutions to sophisticated investors.

The core goal of the Fund is to compound capital and implement trading strategies aimed at minimising capital losses. The Fund has ability to outperform in all market conditions due to its ability to trade or invest in all global and domestic financial instruments and currencies from either a long or short bias.


Digital Services