3x Increase In Paid Traffic Within 1 Month



Dude Clothing’s eComm website needs to be setup. They also faced a challenge in their campaign’s sales conversion as it was winter at the time.


7&7 redesigned Dude Clothing website.
> Website is optimised for mobile
> Redesign includes fully functional eCommerce website
> Product videos
> Social media
> Facebook shop
> Paid ads
> Community Management


Total shop improvement and digital marketing results.

The website has been fully redesigned with an eComm functionality.

The campaign set-up has all generated traffic and conversions over the month long campaign.

Organic Video Facebook Post reached up to 32,481 viewers. The paid ads produced over 2,770 clicks with a nearly 300% increase.

The results of 7&7’s Digital Marketing services were deployed on November. Dude reached a total online sale  of 256 orders within one month!

Some project samples created for Dude Clothing:



Dude’s line of clothing is designed specifically for Disc Golf and Ultimate Frisbee. Every design aspect provides maximum player benefit from amateur players to disc golf world champions. Everything has been taken into account from the breathable high quality fabric, the zippered back pockets for security, the side pockets for quick access to score cards and the high cut collar for extra sun protection and much more.

Chris Finn is the dude behind Dude.


E-Comm Shop Setup, Digital Marketing Services (Website Redesign, Facebook/Instagram Ads, Calls-To-Action, Social Media Management) Video Marketing, Motion Graphics, Ad design, Conversion Rate Optimisation, Inbound Marketing.