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Feather Clinic – Cosmetic Tattoo digital marketing case study

Feather Clinic is a cosmetic tattoo clinic situated in Brisbane, Australia. They bootstrapped their opening in 2015 and have since then gone on to become one of Australia’s leading micropigmentation treatment providers.


Feather Clinic exists solely to provide a better solution to the age-old block tattoo brow treatments. They’ve since expanded their offerings and cater to eyeliner and lips, all of which are semi-permanent tattoo treatments.


They approached 7&7 at the beginning of 2017 to seek assistance with three main areas in their digital presence that needed polishing. Their three drivers were to garner more website traffic, automate their booking and payment systems and to refresh their branding and their website.


7&7 was able to successfully implement the following to grow Feather Clinic’s online presence, at the same time, booking their treatment calendar out up to two months in advance via the influx of inbound leads from the website and social media.

Father Clinic - BRand and website refresh

Brand refresh and website redesign

Feather Clinic was already trading well and had a clean and modern brand. Their recent clinic relocation to a high-end section of Brisbane’s James Street precinct meant that the clinic owner Casey wanted to move away from a primarily blue colour and focus more on charcoals and grey accents. The new branding still pays homage to the feathering process but now flows better with the redesigned website as well as the blackened building façade and complementary signage of other tenants in the area.

With the bones of the website already built on WordPress, 7&7 made cosmetic changes to the look and feel, removing the old primary colours and focusing on the charcoal and monotone look that changed with the brand refresh. The website is the company’s main form of lead generation, with 90% of all new bookings being generated without the Feather Clinic staff needing to personally aid the sales funnel (ie, 90% of all clients now book directly through the website based on the branding, experience and reviews that are all front of mind).

The website is the company’s main form of lead generation.

Booking Automation

With the growth in website visits, a booking calendar was designed and implemented by 7&7 to help Casey and her team organise their client treatments. The booking form integrates with Google docs as well as their Apple calendars and sends push notifications and emails to both the Feather Clinic team and customers regarding upcoming appointments.

Due to the growth in the lead generation off the website, Feather Clinic needed to also capture a deposit for the treatments as they were booked. Doing this was a great qualifier for the leads and an assurance for Casey that her booked clients would be honouring the date and time that they have chosen for their treatment. The deposit portion on the website uses WooCommerce as the engine and Stripe and ZipPay as the payment gateways. Stripe is an obvious choice with it’s lower 1.7% fee and ease of use, ZipPay in itself has been a great catalyst to Feather Clinic attaining a higher conversion rate of clients booking due to it’s ‘buy now, pay later’ system.

Feather Clinic online booking - 7&7 digital marketing

Feather Clinic - Online payments

Feather Clinic - SEO and keyword optimisation

Keyword research and optimisation

Part of the redevelopment of the Feather Clinic website was to audit the current on-page SEO strength and implementing changes to grow their SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) rank. We worked with Casey to establish her top 20 keywords (both short and long form) as well as completing a competitor analysis of the top three sites she felt where a direct competition to her brand and services.

Google Adword campaigns

With the keyword research and the new website design live, we recommended a 3-month campaign using Google Adwords to drive traffic to the website via the chosen keywords. We implemented this campaign with the outlook to scale the spend back after 90-days, where the organic SERP results should begin to hold their own. The results on the Adwords were a huge success with a low cost per acquisition and a high click through rate and conversion bringing a 5x return over and above the forecasted figures.


From the results of the keyword research, Feather Clinic then engaged the 7&7 team on a retainer model to continually grow their on-page SEO. In a short time, Feather Clinic has been able to gain the number one position in Google for 12 of their keywords and a further 8 keywords are on page one of SERP results. These ranking results alone have seen a 4x growth in organic traffic to the website.

Father Clinic - BRand and website refresh

Feather Clinic - Social media strategy based around social proof

Social Media Growth

Feather Clinic’s social media strategy is solely focused on social proof and sharing reviews and client before and after images. The strategy was never to attain a massive following on Facebook or Instagram, rather build a community of highly engaged customers and leads. After 12-months of her social media campaign, Casey was sitting at the top of her industry regarding client reviews – her Facebook page having over 100 5-star reviews, all of which have genuinely happy client testimonials attached. With her core business being tattooing ladies faces, this strong social proof has been the catalyst to her growth.

Facebook ad campaigns

Feather Clinic enlists 7&7 to regularly promote the brand and its specials via Facebook advertising. We are ‘optimisers’ at heart and any clients Facebook ad spend is treated as a numbers game where the most conversions at the cheapest cost-per-conversion wins.

We work with Feather Clinic to hyper-target their Facebook pixel audiences, design eye-catching creative ad designs, write compelling and highly emotional content and drive customer clicks to landing pages that back up the messaging on the adverts and lead to the conversion of sales. At the time of publishing this case study, their end of financial year Facebook ad campaign had a CPC (cost per click) of $1.05, a low frequency of 1.2 and a cost per conversion of $10.00 (which is fantastic considering their treatments are close to $700.


Feather Clinic is an ongoing client who retains us for a boat load of our 360 Marketing services. The growth in their organic search results alone has tripled their revenue and the addition of a sharp brand, a converting website and ongoing paid advertising through social media has strengthened their position in the market. 7&7 reports to Casey monthly with full disclosure of the hours and the tasks logged for her business, this report is backed up with a list of metrics so that Feather Clinic can track the return on their marketing investment. This level of reporting is standard for all 7&7 clients – ensuring your peace of mind and a solid relationship with our team.