17.4 seconds load time to 3.27, with Plastic Surgery Hub

Plastic Surgery Hub - 7&7 Website Redesign Plastic Surgery Hub - 7&7 Website Redesign

Visit Plastic Surgery Hub’s website here: www.plasticsurgeryhub.com.au


Website’s slow load time causes friction and bad conversion rates. Though Plastic Surgery Hub releases great content and directory for their services, it receives little to no engagement with users.


7&7 redesigned PSH website.
> By doing an extensive research, 7&7 used heatmaps and built a new website based on great user experience (UX)
> Redesigned on mobile first as 2/3 of visitors are using mobile
> Improved functionality, including speed and SEO.


The website troubleshoot was successful. Plastic Surgery Hub’s load time dynamically improved from 17.4 seconds load time to 3.27 seconds! A fresh design has also been set up to improve user experience and optimise conversion. PSH’s search feature has also been enhanced.



Plastic Surgery Hub is the “Go To” place for all things cosmetic and plastic surgery. Aside from a huge directory of qualified surgeons, you’ll also find real reviews and real stories, with lots of information describing various cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures and the risks that can be involved.


Website Redesign and Optimisation