CommSys’ launch of a new business unit, SecureMyIT

CommSys - 7&7 Website Redesign CommSys - 7&7 Website Redesign

Visit SecureMyIT’s website here:


Commsys plans to launch its own business unit, SecureMyIT. They needed a high-converting landing page to support SecureMyIT’s radio and local ads.


7&7 created a high converting landing page for SecureMyIT.
> Landing page was designed to be clear, concise & benefit-driven, to introduce SecureMyIT & Disaster Recovery as CommSys’ new service offerings
> Remarketing setup to run after visitors of the site who did not convert.
> Landing page includes fully functional web forms and downloadable eBooks. available for download.


SecureMyIT landing page was deployed, approved, and promoted via radio as its own standalone brand.


CommSys have been providing intelligent cloud based solutions for clients, and is the company of choice for more than 10 years. They give intelligent answers and quick solutions to keep businesses continuously operational.


Landing Page Development and Re-marketing Setup.