Supportive Services

Digital Marketing doesn’t end with setting up your domain for online presence. Websites and Social Media Platforms could all potentially be so much more – each adding its own support to delivering good conversion.

Which is why 7&7 developed a subset of these aids, known as Supportive Services, to maintain your website’s top performance.

  • Website Redesign
  • Website Optimisation (E-Comm Shop Set-up, Speed Optimisation, Credit Card Set-up, etc)
  • Website Security
  • Website Development


Optimise your website with a user-friendly design to drive more conversions from our UX/UI professionals.


Enhance your website’s load time, set up your online shop, generate automated emails, and other marketing functions.


Implement the development phase with our modern, best-practiced functionalities tailored for your industry.


Harden your website security to defend your system from any cyber-attack attempts.


38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the content/layout is unattractive.

As such, a business owner needs to look dapper before meeting their customer for a business pitch. Your overall physical appearance and hygiene add up to the question if you’re professional and reliable. First impressions say a lot in sales.

Optimising your website design is of the same context for a successful digital marketing.

A great website design is crucial to the success of one conversion. The design and feel of your homepage determine if you’re a credible, legitimate business with a good service to offer.

But what is a “Good Design” exactly? What you find a great colour and layout may not be as effective in driving conversions.

We are focused on meeting the two of both ends: creating beautiful website designs that drive conversion.

Our highly-optimised web designs are user-friendly for your consumers to convert.

Whether they may be visiting your website through a computer or a mobile device, our skilled user-experience/user-interface designs will keep them on track of the funnel.

Carene Kiss - 7&7 Website Redesign Carene Kiss - 7&7 Website Redesign


Speed Optimisation

How slow is too slow for a website in 2017?

Every 1-second delay in a page causes 7% reduction in conversions.

That is massive! A 10-second load time could cost you 70% bounce rate and a 15-second load time can kill your business.

Fortunately, our heavy-duty knowledge can overcome this hurdle in no time. But don’t take our word for it – believe our case study instead. One of our clients (Plastic Surgery Hub) had the problem of an excruciating load time total of 17.4 seconds. With 7&7, this dynamically improved to 3.27!

E-Comm Shop/Credit Card Set-up

Got a physical store and wanting to advance with digital sales?

We can help you optimise your website with our e-commerce platforms.

This can range from migrating your inventory online, setting up your online shop for credit card accounts, and even to track down the abandoned cart your users are leaving.


From finalising your content and design, we will move to the development phase to complete your website.

The service will cover everything; from the purchasing of domain to the migration of your old website to the new, highly-optimised site.

Our websites are constructed with modern, best-practiced functionalities tailored for any industry.

See more of our client’s success stories to see our portfolio.

Comlink Solutions - 7&7 Website Redesign Comlink Solutions - 7&7 Website Redesign


Cyber-security is no longer a small thing to joke about and neglect.

Data and System Breach have become more and more prominent as technology advances.

20% of small and mid-sized businesses have been targets and 60% of small companies go out of business within six months prior to the cyber-attack.

Not only are your records at risk alone – the damage will be incremental to your overall business.

The client impact may be the first direct damage you will experience but one breached account will severely slam your budget for a long time.

The cost of a single attack is estimated to reach a minimum of $38,000 – excluding the legal charges and the reputation damage driving away customers from your business.

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