From No Leads to New Leads on Comlink’s Website Redesign

Comlink Solutions - 7&7 Website Redesign Comlink Solutions - 7&7 Website Redesign

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Comlink’s old website fails to generate any leads. Users are having a difficult time navigating it and the website’s contact form has not been touched since. A high converting website redesign is critical.


Design & development of 8+ optimised landing pages
> Redesigned website to attract new clients and get people to call them.
> Produced site content including blog posts and an eBook.
> Constant monitoring of page speed, security, website uptime.
> Paid ads to drive more traffic to the site.


Comlink started generating leads from their website after the major redesign. An increase in traffic has also been delivered by paid ads. Paul Ghanem, Comlink’s Director has been referring many of his clients to 7&7 since.


Comlink Solutions is a respected leader in the IT Solution management services with a proud history and a long list of reputable ASX/ASIC/ASF Licensed Companies, Mid-Large Australian Market clients.

They provide the hardware to help reduce operational risk, increase productivity, and support revenue growth.


Website Redesign, Paid Ads, Content Marketing, SEO